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Indie Band Guru

By Keith Pro

Let us introduce our latest find ...Atoms Fall. The band has recently released their debut album Tears For The Useless. The 10 track record showcases talent in every area. Atoms Fall’s sound touches on hard rock, mainstream rock, and even progressive genres. There is something here for every fan of energetic rock music. The record open with the power of ‘What Have I Become’, a straight up rock track featuring great vocals and a driving rhythm section that will keep your heart pumping throughout. ‘Enemy’ is more toward the progressive side, reminiscent of Deftones or even Tool at times. The lyrics are crisp and sang with ease by a great vocalist. Lead single ‘Sin Eater’ starts with a rush of energy as well with all the instruments joining in for a rock fest. Vocals again are heartfelt and powerful, including the group chorus. impressive bass and guitar solos set this song on another level and the talent is really put front and center. Get a listen to Atoms Fall.

Atoms Fall at The Drunken Lass

By Arizona Heavy Metal

If you happened to miss it, you missed some great bands. The night started off with Heavy Metal Rockers Atoms Fall. From the first note that was struck, we knew we were in for a bitchin' set. They came out with such crisp, clean power and enthusiasm; the music was tight and the crowd was even tighter. There were some smoking-ass guitar leads in almost every song and not a single aspect of the band over powered one another. All together, a great set.

Atoms Fall live at Joe’s Grotto

By Aileen Artwork – October 17, 2011

Little Rat Bastard

I attended a show at Joe’s Grotto on September 24th by invitation of several friends I knew who were performing there that night. Just another normal weekend night for me really. No expectations beyond the usual: have a good time, listen to great music, have a drink or two, and mill about whilst shouting encouraging remarks to performers.


First on was Blood From Stone, a band I had previously seen and had befriended, who are definitely a favorite of mine. And having one of the talented young boys from Age of Evil stand in on bass guitar was a treat too. As much as I enjoy their work and support them, however, they weren’t what caught my attention that night.


The second band to hit the stage was Atoms Fall. The singer, an acquaintance of mind named Jeff Crawford befriended back in July at Mayhem Fest, had invited me out. Nothing personal against him or anyone, but the last thing I expect when seeing a band for the first time is to be impressed, especially the more a band member boasts (which Crawford is thankfully not prone to). Getting mixed up into hype and hearsay just dulls one’s musical palate and sets oneself up for unfair judgement, I feel. And, even for a friend’s band, I retain the same mentality. But in this case, I was pleasantly surprised.


Before hitting the stage I had asked Crawford what genre he put his band into, and he couldn’t describe it beyond “hard rock.” After their set, I can see why he couldn’t break it down beyond that: Their sound is varied in all the best ways, from more huggy-cuddly tunes to head-bangy metal riffs. I myself would describe Atoms Fall as melodic radio rock, a mixture of Tool and Alter Bridge. Crawford’s tone quality is distinctive, pure and melodic; his guitarist is a bit stiff but genuinely skilled and an excellent musician; his drummer is tight and sets a solid foundation for the entire band; and his bassist … Honestly, and nothing against Crawford, I think I like his bassist best. That mother can play the shit outta the bass. I was blown away with both his skill as well as his moves, and I’ve branded him one of the best local bassists I’ve ever seen. (Yeah, he’s THAT badass.)


I didn’t attend this show with my camera in hand however, so I apologize in advanced for my whopping two crappy cell phone camera photos. Guess you’ll just have to go to their next show and check them out for yourself. Fancy that.


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