About the Band

Hailing from the Southwest, where the atom was first split and put fear into mankind, is Atoms Fall. With material that blends the catchy hooks of Shinedown with the uniqueness of Rage Against The Machine, they have quickly built an ever-growing fan base in their home town of Phoenix, AZ. They combine a strong work ethic and songs that cross genres but always have the same sonic source.


The band's first single, "Sin Eater", is from their debut full length release Tears for the Useless. The release was tracked and mixed by producer Michael Beck (Abigail Williams, Paisty Jenny, Knights of the Abyss) and mastered by Brad Vance (All That Remains, Plain White T’s).


Atoms Fall has shared the stage with great local and national bands alike, such as Saving Abel, Fuel, Smile Empty Soul, The Sammus Theory, Cage9, Back From Ashes, and many more. They have been featured on 98 KUPD's 2012 Playdio competition alongside some of Arizona's finest talent, garnering praise from Holmberg's Morning Sickness and helping them to widen their fan base. Working closely with producer and mentor Michael Beck of SoundVision Recording, the band released their debut album, Tears for the Useless, in April 2013. 

Atoms Fall is now a signed artist with Tate Music Group and is touring across the country. A second album is in the works and more details will be coming soon about this!


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