Atoms Fall To Start Touring in 2013

Atom’s Fall will begin touring in early 2013; we’re planning to start small with shows in Tucson, Flagstaff, and the surrounding Metro-Phoenix area with an eye towards expanding to L.A. and eventually a full-scale West Coast tour!


We need your help to make this successful; a band is nothing without fans to support them.


Here are some ideas you can use to help us grow and be a part of our expansion beyond the walls of Phoenix:


1. Come out and support local music.

This seems to be an obvious one but it bears repeating; bands are nothing without their fans to support them, and we need you! We recognize the time and dedication it takes to follow the shows, buy tickets and we truly appreciate you using your time and resources to come out and support Atom’s Fall!


With this in mind, we work very hard to locate and add bands in the same or similar genres to the bill that we feel complement Atom’s Falland that we believe will give you the optimum bang for your buck – by exposing you to bands you may not know we hope to make each show as enjoyable as possible, from the first band to the last. Which brings us to our next point:


2. Tell your friends about us.

The best way for a band to grow is by word-of-mouth from those that appreciate them, The Fans!


If you enjoy us and listening to our music, chances are you have friends that will like us also. Please help us by sharing videos, pictures or anything else that you really like; you’d be surprised how helpful and effective this is. Facebook, for example, is a great place to do this and chances are you were already there anyway.


We’ll do our part by working harder than ever doing what we do and by keeping you up to date on our upcoming schedule so you and your friends can be ready to come out and have a great time with Atom’s Fall and our friends. Every band you hear and love on the radio, MTV, or the internet began just as we are now; with support from those who appreciate them – and we need your support!


Please help us grow - with everyone pitching in we can bring a good time and a great show to everyone who needs one!!


Until next time, Thank You!!


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