Recording Begins!

The first day of recording with Chris Claudio begins today.  Last night we got everything set up and ready to go.  Now we can go in with all of the mics in place and the drums in tune and begin recording.


Our initial plan was to record all 13 songs with Chris.  Now we're thinking of splitting that up.  Jeff and I have worked with Michael Beck at SoundVision on a different project before and the quality was outstanding!  He had his calendar open up in July and is giving us an awesome deal to go in and record 6 songs.  There was some debate whether or not we should do it since we already spent quite a bit of money for the recording equipment we have and especially with Chris bringing in additional upgraded equipment.


I think overall it will be good to split them up just to see how they compare and to see what we really need to do for future recordings.  I have a lot of faith in Chris and I think everything we record with him will turn out to be very professional. 


I'm excited to get things going.  My plan is to lay down all 13 drum tracks with Chris over the weekend even though we're only planning on finalizing a handful of them.  If anything it will be good practice before going into SoundVision's studio with Michael Beck.


 - Jason

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