Meeting the Engineer

We met the engineer today who will be helping us record the album.  I say "meet", but Jeff and I went to highschool with him and were even in a band together at one point.  Aside from that, Mark got to meet him and Mike had to work tonight so he'll meet him later. 


We got to give him a taste of what songs we'll be working on and he got a chance to see our setup to see what else he needs.  I think we should actually be pretty good.  We may have to move a few things around, but it should work well with what we already have.


We're excited to get everything together and to start recording, but there are still some songs we're putting together and we want to record as many songs as possible so that we can pick through them to select the best 12 to 13 songs for the album.  With the songs we're finishing up, we'll have about 17 songs total.  This will give us something to work with.


I think we're going to plan to start recording drum tracks in a couple weeks and then get everything else together after that.  Hopefully we'll be back playing shows around mid July and actually have something to sell and smaller versions to pass out for free.  During this whole time, I want to start designing and making shirts so that we have some swag as well.


I think this is the start to some good things to come!


 - Jason

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